2 mins head sketches (brush pen)

by Giraffe Meow, February 20th 2019 © 2019 Giraffe Meow

What should I look for when I sketch different expressions? Right now I mainly look for the angle of the brows, upper/lower eyelids, mouth. I think nose doesn't change too much across expressions.

Also I think brush pen is relatively the fastest tool for me to do quick sketches :P If you have other recommendations, please let me know!

Any other critique is also welcome!


when you make funny faces, some muscles are contracting or stretching. When you look at the faces identify the parts that are contracted or stretched. Eyebrow angle is only part of the story, you also have cheek muscles that can go up and fat that gets squished when a person has a big smile. The whole face is like a squishy ball that you can stretch and contract to get expressions.

Giraffe Meow


Mx. Abi

I have been using this site for 2+ years. So I am familiar with all of the models that this site has, having drawn them more times than I can count.

I recognize every single model here. You have absolutly captured their likeness. And I am extremely impressed with how quickly you have captured them. 2 minutes is a remarkable amount of time for these. Even at the small scale that they are.

The lowest one, the model who wears the grey headband.
I LOVE this sketch of all them the most. You capture so much emotion.

Regarding the nose not changing - the truth is that the nose changes A LOT.

For a 2 minute or 5 minute sketch the amount of detail you need is minimal and your focus is accurate.

However noses change a lot.

I did a series of studies called expressive eyes, expressive noses, expressive mouths.
And I wrote a list of emotions, happy, sad, angry, scared etc. . . and then I did 4 sets of eyes, noses, and mouths for each emotion. Noses are EXTREMELY expressive.

Notrils flare, the tips of noses go up and down. The way we move our brows up or down changes the shape of the nose.

One of the things I have done in the past was I have done 30 minute class modes and just drawn eyes, just drawn mouths, or just the nose. Noses express a lot more than one would think.

However, again, for the scale and time limit you have. Your focus is totally in the right place.


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