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by Josh The Stampede, February 22nd 2019 © 2019 Josh The Stampede



You have a great sense of structure around the head and shoulders. In the bottom image, in particular, you do a good job of capturing the weight shift towards the left shoulder. In the top picture, I love the twist in the pose, with the shoulder moving across the body.

The waist down section of the pose might benefit from some dedicated study. The bottom image feels just a little off balance - as if the figure is about to fall over backwards. In the top picture, the twist of the foot looks a bit too extreme.

In general, I love the use of line weight to give basic information about lighting and to differentiate which parts of the body are closest to the viewer.

Josh The Stampede

He is going to fall over backwards - the model was yanking/leaning into pulling a rope :)

thank you for the critique - I definitely need more leg study.


hola, la linea de accion se ve bastante bien , pero las proporciones deben ser mejoradas como el tamaño de los muslos con relacion a las pantorrilas



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