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by HornetOfJustice, February 22nd 2019 © 2019 HornetOfJustice

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 10 minutes in length.


So cute! I just can't resist a picture of a puppy. :)

I think your use of brown on brown here is very effective. It gives the image a soft, cosy atmosphere and also allows the white highlights to jump out even more.

In the theme of contrast, maybe it would work to add in some more very deep areas of shade in dark brown ink, to help balance out the white. I think that broadening the range of value would really complete the piece for me.

I love how you have captured the expression through the shine of the eyes and the slight head tilt. Adding those extra details to the face really brings the composition together and drew my eye straight into the face area.

You are really good at this! Keep it up!

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I'm a sucker for animals .. I love the expression of this furbaby! It's very good. I'm not sure what I love drawing/painting more animals or humans.. LOL

Inspired! :)

Have a great day!!!


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