Shaundra and River 3.2.19

by Shanaelavelle, March 4th 2019 © 2019 Shanaelavelle

This is from a live session, not from the website's photos--so there are some unfinished pieces due to time limits. Done using Manga Studio, a digital art tool.

Kim - Site admin

Hi Shanaelavelle!

These are beautiful. I appreciate that you've started on a colorful background, it adds a lot of interest.

I spot some proportional difficulties, for example, the calves and feet of the mother look very small compared to her thighs and head, especially given the angle it seems we are seeing her from. My advice would be to worry less about "finishing" (such as shading) and to spend a little more time on the preparation/building stages -- do a pass where you measure body parts against one another and correct as necessary before jumping into shading. This can be a little frustrating at first because shading is fun and gorgeous, but once shading goes in it becomes dramatically harder to fix any issues.

Hope this helps! Keep drawing and sharing! :)


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