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Thanks to HornetofJustice for advice.

Maux 27

great smooth and clean linework! not a mark looks out of place. the head on the right is slanted diagonally -- do you draw from an angle (rather than facing the paper directly)?


Thank You for your comments and critique, Maux 27. That is an interesting question and one that i have to explore. I use a computer table that tilts on an angle downward towards me as i'm drawing but not left or right but i do have a tendancy to keep the drawing slight right as i am right handed. I didn't believe it affected my perspective but i'll explore your thought further.

Mx. Abi

I can see real progress here! I can see that you are really SEEING what is in front of you and you are not drawing just what you think should be there. You are not drawing what eyes should be, you are drawing what eyes are.

And that perspective of someone looking up is a tricky beast, and you did well.

I would like to offer some advice on the tilting.
This is SO COMMON among artists. I have fought against it, and most artists do. I have seen this slant in professional and accomplished artists. And you can often read if the artist is right or left handed based on the way that we slant our figure.

How to fight it?

Map out your figure loosely and lightly first. I use a proportional divider and I put small marks on my page. I mark the top and bottom of the head.

Then I mark the eyes, the nose, the mouth distance. Then I measure one side of the face starting at the nose, then the other side of the face starting at the nose. (Even when it's a full face portrait we are not 100% symmetrical)

Then I lay down a few soft lines to tell me where the major parts of the face are and then I go after details.

This prevents me from making parts too large or small as I draw and minimizes the slant.

You are in good company.

Your practice is really paying off.


Thank You, HornetofJustice. That is detailed advice. I will attempt to follow and will demonstrate my resuls soon.

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