Life Drawing 7

by Jason Winter, March 13th 2019 © 2019 Jason Winter

Figure study. Drawn in Clip Studio Paint.


Why are you asking for critique, its perfect. Really if your deadset on a critique, unless its inflicts with your style, making the colours and lighting paler, the drawing compared to the picture is very contrasted and saturated.

Jason Winter

Thank you very much! I innitially painted the image digitally in greyscale and then added a colour overlay, which is the reason why it looks a bit odd. I'll be attempting in the future to do my work in colour, that might help. Thanks again!

Kim - Site admin

Hey Jason! What are your current learning goals with these pieces? :) That will help us a lot to give you better critique.

Jason Winter

I'm basically just trying to get more adept at drawing the human figure. I'm finding digital painting to be effective in creating the effects I'm after. Any comments on anatomy, colour, proportion, lighting, composition, would be appreciated.

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