5 mins head sketches

by Kittykatc, March 14th 2019 © 2019 Kittykatc

Trying to get the loomis method down and get rid of unconfident sketchy lines. Sketching practices have been frustrating this week but hopefully that means I'm doing something right?


hello, when you look at the picture thet you capturing try without loomis method just try to put on paper what you see i am telling you this because i try this method and is perfect for comic drawing,super heroes and fantasy charaters(they are all almost in perfect proportion), but real life people are not, specialy in emotion state face(smileing, laughing,crying. etc). Only thing thet i use from loomis is putting some geometrics shape on face or body to get this more 3d shape. But generly you have this life and moving in your drawings. I hope thet you understund what i mean to say(because my english is not so good i know:()


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