3o sec gesture

by Miky Wild, March 20th 2019 © 2019 Miky Wild

Hi there, I've been practicing since couple of weeks now and I'm looking to gain more fluidity and truth from my gestures.

I've got very basic anatomical knowledge and I'm unsure if I should keep practicing on 30sec or add more seconds/minutes to the poses even though I don't know much about anatomy.

Any critiques or tips are more than welcome


Hi Miky Wild,

I have to say I'm impressed. I'm not a professional but I think your 30 sec gestures accomplish (early stage of learning of course) the essence of what this site is about which is to capture and express the dynamic nature of the subject's movement at that point. If that is your intent, it is clearly shown in your drawings. They convey a true sense of force and emotion. You should work on proportions and shapes but it's hard to do that correctly within a 30 second timeframe. The goal is just to get the drawing going by drawing the forces you see and posssibly even exaggerating the gesture to evoke the feelings of the viewer. You have, in my humble opinion, accomplished that here.

I anxiously await your future efforts to see your development. Please continue.


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