First class here

by Niibeth, March 22nd 2019 © 2019 Niibeth

Hi, Niibeth.

You are good with proportions and shapes of the fingers and palms. I would recommend studying more on anatomy of hands and wrists and how to render objects. Andrew Loomis' books and Bridgman's books are good for references. These are things I am working on also.

How long did these drawings take? i always recommend listing times on the drawings so your progress can be more accurately measured.

Keep working. You have a good style of art that i'm sure will only improve with consistent practice.

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Thank you for the detailed comment! I will look up the book you've mentioned


you most defiently have some experience drawing! good attention to the lines of the fingers, it's hard to draw those without the fingers coming out to sausage like. Also, good contouring on the heal of the hand. Btw, you must be a lefty. :D

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Thank you for your time and nice words! I'm right-handed, but have a wrong grip on pencil, maybe that shows

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