Life drawing 10

by Jason Winter, March 27th 2019 © 2019 Jason Winter

Figure studies. Pencil on paper. About an hour each.

Emmi Sogluizzo

This is very beautifully done. I can appreciate the light yet deep contrast in the shading that shapes the figure softly; this makes the skin actually look soft and like real skin. You captured the bones and shapes of the body well. Overall very impressive. I do think that the womans face is tilted a bit too high upwards which creates an awkward impression/look on her face (as if her face does not fit her body.) Keep creating art Jason; it was a pleasure to view your artwork.

Jason Winter

Thank you very much Emmi! You're right about the face. The head has always been the most difficult part of the body for me to draw. I'm hoping to improve on this. Thanks again for the comments and encouragement.

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