Life Drawing 10

by Jason Winter, April 1st 2019 © 2019 Jason Winter

I downloaded a nifty free drawing and painting programme called Krita. This is a first attempt at using it.


I actually really like this, i think the hood is a bit big, but besides that it looks fantastic!


First of all it looks great !

But there are some things to improve on. I think of the biggest things that are missing is contrast. On the left you were going in with some good dark but at the back of her hood there are most spots that cast really hard shadows. Also In her face would be some more highlighted areas like on her for forhead a bit more.

But keep it up you are on a very good route there.

Jason Winter

You're right about the contrast. It does look a bit muted. This may be a picture I'll revisit. Your comments will help me make improvements. Thank you.

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