Gestures - April 21, 2019

by Enteleki, April 21st 2019 © 2019 Enteleki

First attempt at gestures. 2 minute poses.

Vampyrecherub (unregistered visitor)

I think overall this is alright considering the 2 minutes you had to draw this. however I do see some things you could improve upon in this, firstly the torso is a tad short, which in turn makes the hips higher than they should be and the legs higher as well. A tip to help this issue is to remember that a torso is typically 3 heads tall, here you only have it 2 heads tall. Another problem I see is that the head is a bit small, the fix for this is simple, just that the head should be a bit bigger than the neck. Next time maybe you could devote a little more time to the arms cause they look a bit neglected compared to everything else. Other than that, I think you've done fairly well! I hope that my comment helps :)


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