Figure study 7

by Forte, May 7th 2019 © 2019 Forte

Tried using the whole 10 min for the last sketch feel pretty good about this one


From away it looks cool. I like the torso very much, but the arms seem too broad for a female, especially connected to this torso. Right leg looks like you ignored it too much, it is wide nearly as her waist. Also, you should draw less lines for the hair, just try to define overall shapes and do it more firmly.


This figure has a really nice flow going on in the torso, it feels very relaxed and fluid! The shoulders and arms feel a little weaker in comparison. I see you used circles to approximate the hips and rib cage; maybe you can add the shoulders into that stage as well? You might need to overlap the shoulder circles with the rib cage circle to make it look right, but I've found it's really helped my finished drawings.