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by Tech Classicman7, June 2nd 2019 © 2019 Tech Classicman7

I was trying to be more loose, guess I did it wrong?


If this is your first attempt at a new approach, I don't think it's fair to make a judgement as to how it went just yet. If you mean "trying to be more loose" in the sense of drawing from your elbow or shoulder instead of your wrist, well the catch is that that requires muscle memory in the same way that throwing a ball does. You'll get better at it with practice, and in the long run it's better for your drawings and your wrist, but there's a learning curve at first. For now, it will help to draw larger than you usually do, since that will let you take advantage of the big, smooth curves you can make when you draw from your shoulder.

Tech Classicman7

Thank you for the advice, I understand and will keep practicing.

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