by SINE, June 29th 2019 © 2019 SINE

This is super nice, but there are a few things i see that you can do better in the future! First, the lines are super scratchy, try making bold, confident strokes. You can work on this not only by practicing more but by drawing smooth lines of varying shapes and sizes without worrying about getting it perfect. For your 'base sketch', youre pressing a little too hard, try gently stretching your hand, wrist, and arm out before drawing, and holding the pencil closer to the non-writing end. Also, if you havent already, try making it a habit to draw by moving your elbow and shoulder rather than your wrist. Itll help you loosen up and help you avoid wrist injuries in the future. And dont be afraid to break things down into super basic shapes and lines. Its something that comes with doing it for a while, but its very helpful. I hope this helps pal! Im Im glad youre doing figure drawing because it really shows you want to improve!