Day 4

by Literally Mom, July 3rd 2019 © 2019 Literally Mom

Day 4. I mostly did 30 and 60 second intervals, though I tried a couple five minute ones. I feel I'm getting better. I caught myself midway with the hanging lady and realized her legs were too long, which is usually something I don't notice until way later. I finished it anyway though and took it simply as a lesson learned, and paid closer attention with the next few on having more accurate proportions. The five minutes actually seem to set me back, I feel like. As if I have too much time, and I start working to clean up, but in the process I loose my action (C, S) curves. I'd like some advice on how to avoid this, if possible.


I like your shorter poses, they are really fluid, great use of overlapping and opposing curves. On the longer poses I would say that your focus is too much on the outline, so much in fact that your shading is flat. I always keep in mind that my line should emphasize mass and be careful of using too much lineweight. Contrast draws the eyes and we don't want people to go on a rollercoaster ride around the figure! Good progress nontheless! :-)

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Literally Mom

Thank you! That helps a ton. I'll try to be more aware of my lines and spend less time on the outline, you're absolutely right.

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