30 Second Gestures

by Sketchtori, July 16th 2019 © 2019 Sketchtori
Meijin Bell

These are astounding for 30 seconds! You've got really strong lines and you're paying attention to form. If anything, focus a little more on proportions, and learn how to draw looser. Gesture is as much about capturing movement as it is shape. The figure on the bottom right is the most gestural of this batch. If you can combine your firm lines with the smooth flow of a gesture, you'll go places!

Polyvios Animations

Hey Sketchtori, this is Poly. I’m doing fantastic, how are you?

i love that you did a really more good job on your 30 secs. Here’s a tip: Do some 29 sec sketches, please.

Thank you.

polyvios Animations


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