by Ron Brown9220, July 19th 2019 © 2019 Ron Brown9220

A few warm up sketches. I’m enjoying this site.

My current goal is: To explore and refine my current work.

Polyvios Animations

Hey Ron, thanks on your post. Great job.

I've got one small suggestion, not a critique, but a small suggestion, if you please.

Why don't you try doing a warm up sketch on a Fred Moore drawing, please?

Here's a link, if you will:


In case you did or didn't know, Fred Moore was an American drawn animator for the Disney Studios. Hope you'll find these images in this post in Andrea's blog helpful in your next studies. Thanks.

Polyvios Animations.

P.S. (c) Disney.


Love your sketch. Your biggest strength is the looseness of your drawing, but it is also your biggest mistake. Let me explain. The viewer can feel the gesture, even out of couple of lines, which has some sort of beauty to it, but there is a really small gap between fiving the viewer some space and not giving him enough clues. On the right leg for example, is not enough definition, while on the feet and hands is way too much, so that it breaks the overall simplicity, but maybe its just for me and someone else could feel it differently. I would suggest you to take 30 seconds long intervals of hands and feet and practicing simplifying the hand/feet to just one shape.


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