Digital figure study 4 - 19th August 2019

by RaniWasACyborg, August 19th 2019 © 2019 RaniWasACyborg

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 2 minutes in length.


First off, for a 2 minute pose, the most important part of the figure artist's goal is capturing gesture and you seem to have accomplished that well here.

My critigue here is with what appears to be hatching lines on the legs, left arm and torso to provide more solidity to the figure. They look to be random and maybe you placed them with some haste because of time constraint. When you are hatching, try to go with the direction of the object to bring more solidity to that object.

Careful placement of those lines brings more solidity to your 2 dimensional outline and illustrates the separation of light and shadow.

Robert Beverly Hale from his book 'Drawing lessons from the great masters', " ...if there were no light, there would be no shade or shadow: nothing for us to see, nothing to draw. It is only when light plays upon an object that we can see the form emerging. So the artist becomes incredibly sensitive to the play of light on form."

Hope this helps.


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