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nice work, love the lower limbs and torso. have photoshopped the face? Values are kind of wacky too, you might want to have a bit more gradation to them? Problem also with drawing from photos is that the light often doesnt make any sense because they have multiple lightsources and stuff to bounce the light, anyways that is my two cents


Thank You, samorexic. Yes, the model had multiple light sources coming from both sides so subject was challenging to render. I hope to improve at this in the future.


May be this is because of the photo, but the arms seems too long and the head too small. But this is very dynamic, and I like the way you put the shadows.

May be the line around the figure could be thinner or lighter for this type of subject. However, considering the time to draw, it's very good !

Excuse me if my english is not OK, I'm french.


Thank You, Doudoulolita! You are correct when you say that it was because of the photo and the pose of the model that it may appear that her arms are too long. But i do believe it reflects the photo to the best of my current ability to draw the gesture of the model.

I do appreciate your comments and will strive to improve in the future.

By the way, your english was just fine!


Hello leo!

Great job; you can really get a sense of the volume with the work you've put into the shadows!

I would have loved if you had posted how long this drawing took, as it is an important detail on how you should critique someone's work, so I might be wrong here!

If it was a long session, I'd say above 2 minutes, I believe it would be important to check the figure's proportions before getting into drawing the shadows. Your top left arm is really huge when compared with the rest of the body, and that makes the drawing seem not as realistic.

I believe that if you focus on your drawings proportions before working on the shadows, your drawings will improve a lot!

Keep it up!


Thank You, Noodelitte. I originally thought that my proportions were matching the model's but after taking a measured approach, it appears the arm may be longer than it should have been. I will strive to get better in the future.

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