5mn - figure - August 2019

by Action Luc, August 31st 2019 © 2019 Action Luc

4B graphite pencil on "Zap Book" paper


It's good fotr a 5mn drawing. May be the lines could be more fluid but the pose is dynamic.

Now, you could use the force lines to draw fast and nice, instead of putting the schematic skeletton.

Action Luc

Thank you for your kind comment. What is "force lines" exactly, do you have an example?


You need to look at the figure for about 10 seconds before starting because your drawing looks like it’s in space. Think about these things before you start your drawing: where her weight is the most, is she on the ground? How would her line of action look if she were lying down like that on the ground, some force is holding her up, is it the ball?

If you think about theses things then your focus will narrow down the number of lines and you will have more clarity

Action Luc

Thanks for this advice!

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