by Kouakou Toboula, September 5th 2019 © 2019 Kouakou Toboula

Hey Tkjeanyves! I'm curious where you want to take these drawings. I don't know what to critique because I don't know what time this pose was drawn in or what your intention is to do with your developing skill. It is not only good form when asking for critique but also a benefit to you in the long run to provide as much information as you can with and about it. For example: what time this pose was, if it wasn't timed, what you know is "wrong", where is the light coming from, is it a studio shoot, what your end goal as an artist is or whatever it is you wanted to practice when drawing this picture. The more information you provide = a better and more precise critique and will save both you and others the time to critique. In the end I don't know if the advice I give you will harm or benefit you.


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