Gesture studies: II

by Rosenhips, September 8th 2019 © 2019 Rosenhips

Hello all,

Here are some more gesture studies, both 5 minutes each. Are the figures too stiff, or is there too much emphasis on the contouring and not on the motion? As always any feedback at all is appreciated.



Lucy Does Art

I love these, simple yet really explains what your trying to accomplish x You are sooooooo good at what you do, I could only dream about getting to this standard xxxx


they r fine but u need to do hands and feet to complete the gesture especially if it is 5 minute just make them blocks or w.e u want. u draw thrugh good the left elbow is good right is to thin for everything to fit and yes to much fcs on outline where is ur gesture i only see 1 line no opposing curve no crosscontor these things i thnk when i see ths good luck


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