91619 Figure Drawing (Graphite)

by Bcorona, September 17th 2019 © 2019 Bcorona

No time limit, Just practicing with value and trying to create a completed piece. Looking to improve on my gestures, so I will probably be uploading some of those in the near future.


Hey Bcorona! I see a very well rendered figure drawing, well played! Here are a few things I think you can improve in this image.

1: The background has way too much attention and should not be hogging all the lime light, right? what I mean is that since it's so dark it attracts the eye more than your nice figure. It can also help to fill out the entire page, because believe it or not the white on the outside of the shaded background affects the overall depth.

2: The foreshortening of the right arm is not up to par with the rest of the figure, the hand has little to no volume. Try and draw the arm as a cylinder origin to a boxy insertion. The more lines you add to something foreshortened or not is, as Steve Huston would put it more in position/perspective.

Your masterpiece is around the corner somewhere, Good luck! :>


Thank you very much for the critique! I appreciate your suggestions; they were very helpful and insightful.


Glad to hear it! I also want to correct what I said about lines, I meant edges! I'm a dofus.

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