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Hey Leofelco816! It is not only good form when asking for critique but also a benefit to you in the long run to provide as much information as you can with and about it. For example: what time this pose was, if it wasn't timed, what you know is "wrong", where is the light coming from (even if this might seem obvious), is it a studio shoot, are there multiple light sources, what your end goal as an artist is or whatever it is you wanted to practice when drawing this picture. The more information you provide = a better and more precise critique and will save both you time and others time to critique. In the end I don't know if the advice I give you will harm or benefit you.

Now what I can say is that you need to push your poses, this one is really stiff, especially her right arm (our left) and your focus is very much on the outline. Experiment with different ways of showing form and you will be amazed how little the outline actually means. Not to go all philosophical but there would be no body if there was no space, in other words the background = the outline the outline isn't a line separate from everything else, so a focus here above construction is (in my opinion, ^^) completely superfluous. It looks good though, not going to lie

Have a good one! :-3


Starlightbonkers, thank you for your comments. As far as the time is concerned, the time is listed above the signature on the drawing as 10+ minutes (the + meaning anywhere between 1-5 minutes extra after the 10 minute clock expires).

To your comments about outline, i agree with your assessment. Having an outine without solidity or dimension, can make a rendering appear very flat and i am aware of that. I am still learning the techniques and trying to become more conscious of their importance to the drawing. i will improve this in the future.


Yeah sorry for the copy pasta above, you did include time which was a good thing. What grinds my gears the most is that you don't have any set goals which makes it really hard for people to narrow down their critiques. Some people say they want to focus on proportion, then I won't nitpick the bad anatomy and so on. Anyways hope to see more in the future!


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