10 Minute Drawing 10/3/2018

by Roxboy, October 3rd 2018 © 2018 Roxboy

A 10 minute drawing I did during class-mode. I'm having trouble with construction and proportions in general but I don't quite know where to start.

Mx. Abi

Your proportions seem to be right, I see that you have a lot of working lines in your image.
The purpose of the gestures are there to help you see the figure as a whole. To capture the essence fo teh figure and then to construct the shapes and proportions on top of this.

What I find helpful to identifty my proportions and limits of the figure is small dots rather than full lines.
I see that you had a line from one knee to the other, and this helped you find where to place the knees and how to ge the correct length of the legs. This and other lines resulted in a lot of lines that need to be erased later and this can take both time and damage to your paper.

I start with small indicators, and I measure the top part of the figure then the bottom, so I make limits, and often set the outside limits as well. Then I start making small marks for my landmarks either starting at the top of bottom.

So I make a small mark that indicates the knees, then waist, shoulders, bottom of head. I use a proportional divider, but your pencil will also work. I make sure that the figure is divided up correctly.

It is SO much easier to make a change in a small dot or a dash. Lean back and observe, compare, make changes. even in a 10 minute drawing, spending 2 minutes measuring, marking, and just looking, will make the rest of your time SO much more productive

Class mode is about using your time wisely, and learning to work in constraints. A finished picture is not always the end goal.


Hey! this is my first time giving a critique so i hope i can be useful!

First, regarding the proportions and such, i think that in general is good and harmonic, you managed to capture the general pose and tha way the weight rests on the left leg, however the foot itself makes it a little bland, it doesn't show much direction and I think it's a little small which doesn't make it a solid support of the body, it could use some more observation there.
Now an important point is that I think there isn't enough confidence to make the lines, draws attention that tonally what stands out the most is the left arm and one can guess in the way you go over and over the lines that was what you paid more attention to, but at the same time it is not the most important part of the pose. So maybe, instead of focusing on the details, you could have structured other parts of the body that were left unfinished like the head or the right arm. I recommend you to do line exercises, it helps a lot to take confidence with the pencil and it's something that has helped me a lot. I found a page that explains more throughlly about what I'm talking about here or you can also google "line exercises".
So yeah, in general you are starting on the right track, human figure is quite complicated but everything that i mentioned on here can be improve with practice so i urge you to keep going



Regarding your drawing: I find it lively, with great expressive lines.

The only issue in proportions I see are:

- her right thigh, a bit too long.

- her left arm, a bit big.

Well, 10min is still a short time, so it's normal to have still things to work out.

You seem to be knowledgeable on drawing steps and anatomy.

So here's a few tips to keep tracks of proportions when drawing from photos:

- check the angles between elbows and vertical lines

- check the angle between knees and vertical lines

- check the negative spaces (very helpful!)

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