by Caomha, December 22nd 2019 © 2019 Caomha
Polyvios Animations

Pretty good job, Caomha, but, some hands could have been really good. Will you don't get discouraged please?? Practice makes perfect and progress, you know.

How long did it take you to draw those figures? Oh yes, and furthermore, why don't you get a copy of the Andrew Loomis book on hands and feet, please, please????

Polyvios Animations


I don't get discouraged while drawing much I just run out of time for details like with the hands and feet. I know I can do better on feet but when I try hands I like how they come out

Polyvios Animations

Yeah, Caomha, I actually like how you like how your hands turn out, the forms are completely and totally understood, but most of all, they're absolutely fluid and lively? Why didn't you answer my question? It was on how long it took you to draw those figures. Did you take 30 seconds? 60? 2 minutes or 5 or 10 minutes?

Thanks for the reply, Polyvios Animations

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