Inktober Day 6

by Jman3, October 6th 2018 © 2018 Jman3

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

I will use Inktober as a way to getting better at drawing human figure and try to get a more consistent drawing schedule by gaining some skill and therefore more pleasure to continue bettering my artistic abilities.

Larger issues with going over some of my lines again when moving to a 0.7mm pen. Their original reason was to correct for mistakes in porportion which turned out well this session so I hope to continue this trend and get a single line displaying the correct form and proportion the first time.

Opening to critique I am currious where other people think I should focus.

Notes for the final drawing:

I should have spent more time on the shoulder. The outward hand has some major errors. I like the face, I am not good at expressions but I do like how this turned out (the closed eyes helps).

Kim - Site admin

Nice practices! For your last three drawings (when you have time), I'd suggest working bigger if you can. Drawing from the elbow or shoulder may help you to get a different quality of line. :)


Hi Kim, when doing the 30 minute drawing sessions should I make the sketches with less time smaller and get larger as I have more time? When you say drawing from the elbow or shoulder does that mean drawing from the elbow to the forearm or from the elbow to the shoulder?

Thanks for the comments!

Kim - Site admin

If you can stand to "waste" the paper, there are a lot of benefits of practicing drawing from the elbow or shoulder and working bigger even on the shorter poses. I know some people get super cheap recycled newsprint paper to do those sorts of practices.

I don't fully understand your question about which part of the arm to use. It means instead of using your wrist joint to move the pencil, you'd use your elbow -- so I guess elbow to move the forearm. You can get even bigger, bolder lines if you use the shoulder joint to move the arm and hand instead of the elbow or wrist, but you will find that this does cause you to work much bigger.

The good news is you will practice a new way of making very confident and bold lines, and it will set you up to have nice big drawings where you can fit lots of details when you do have the time to do so. Does that help at all?


Ahh, I see I misunderstood what you meant about the arm. Yes that clears things up. I'll try to keep my drawings more consistnetly large too.