Day 1 30 Sec Figure

by Digital Veil, January 29th 2020 © 2020 Digital Veil
Polyvios Animations

Nice job on showing promise, DigitalVeil, but I've got one smallest suggestion: why don't you try doing 60 seconds of 30 sec sketches flipped vertically please? You can do it, if you're on a premium membership, pretty please???

Polyvios Animations


Hi DigitalVeil,

This is a lovely sample of your gesture drawing skills! Keep up the good work and practice often. The figure on the left is very clear visually -- you know exactly what the model's pose is. You did a great job with the jutting of the chest and the curves of the arms specifically.

The figure on the right is a little less clear. From what I can tell it seems like you place a lot of importance on the head/rib/hip landmarks (which is great!) but it can get a little confusing if you're not considering how to use them. They're meant to help show perspective on things like the way the hips and shoulders are tilted and it's a little hard to get dimension on the hips if you only use a circle. I would recommend using the box hip method (and practice drawing boxes from many different angles) so you can get some more dynamic movement with the hips. It would also help show where you're placing the leg/hip joint because right now it looks like the hips are facing forward with the leg coming from the spine. Upon closer inspection I suspect the leg in the foreground was meant to be viewed from the side, but that's why the box method is useful -- it leaves little room for confusion!

Great work -- very lovely gestures!


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