Drawing Heads 10 minutes 2/8/20

by Skidoosh, February 9th 2020 © 2020 Skidoosh

Still working on heads, I'm pretty terrible at the smiling expressions, also noticing that I tend to make heads a little long.

Any critiques are appreciated.


I recommend watching facial proportion drawing tutorials on YouTube! Sycra is a channel with a bunch of in-depth lessons on how to better understand human anatomy, the videos are packed with tips and tricks that help you gain skills very fast.

My art teacher once told me something I'll never forget, and it's that when someone is drawing something from observation (wether it be an image or real life) no less than half the time spent working on the piece should be used to look at and observe the subject. That's something that's helped me prevent getting too focused on details while drawing, and instead I can focus on the shapes, the proportions, the object's placement and angle etc so it looks as true to life as I can make it.

Most important of all though, is to practice! If you start drawing every day, you can only improve. Find artists that inspire you, try new mediums and techniques, and experiment with your art.

Your faces aren't too long, the facial features are just a bit high on the faces is all! Find a good video explaining guidelines and proportions for human faces, I promise you won't be disappointed. Best of luck!

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