10 min practice sketch 🙂

by Wayside89, March 12th 2020 © 2020 Wayside89

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Develop my own signature drawing style (advanced)


very good just some courge in lines and thet is it:)

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Polyvios Animations

Nice sketch of the costumed figure, Wayside89. Nice job on the style, it's very, very appealing. So, I've got a little tip and trick: Why don't you do the same style you have right now, only in 29 minutes, flipped vertically, pretty, please?? Cause if you do it, your drawing will be more faster, and confident, and less stiffer, and sloppier. Would it help you to do it?

Hope it's helpful,

Polyvios Animations


Thx 😁 will definitely give that a shot!


I would advice to lightly draw a framework underneath, to help with drawing bolder, more confident lines over it. It will also help to envision the volumes of the body.

Kim - Site admin

It seems like you are having some trouble with proportion. I would counsel not allowing yourself to get to shading until you've spent a little more time measuring the body against itself. It's much harder to make corrections to proportion once you've begun adding shading and details!


Hello wayside89,

I like what you've done as a figure. Upon first gaze, you can see form and a unusual pose but i would suggest more study on the anatomical structure of the model. i am familiar with the model you drew this from so I know that she was covered in a latex costume making it difficult to get an idea about where the body parts begin and end but that is where you come in. You are trying to interpret for the viewer what you see; things they haven't seen yet.

The artist goes deeper. That is the challenge.

Look up some material on anatomy (Morpho anatomy for artists by Michel Lauricella)

Hope this helps. KEEP DRAWING!


I would say that her right arm is very skinny and the shadows on her torso are maybe a little too much, but great work


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