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Done as part of a 2 hour class.

My current goal is: I don't know! I am an absolute beginner; I'm here to study the basics of rendering


You’re doing great on adding form to just simple sketches! Try and work on the human face in other angles as you’ve been doing.

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You could look for some YouTube instruction (I like "Love Life Drawing" channel, personally; there are lots of others). You are already trying to put structure into your drawings, instead of just doing symbolic or outline-oriented pictures. A few pointers from the pro's and you're well on your way! :)

Carol F

Have you watched Proko's videos about constructing heads? They may be helpful for you as they are for me... Not just one but many videos... i don't know the original titles in english as youtube translates them . I reccomend to watch first, them watch pausing and trying to do the stuff many, many times. And them applying the techniques to other refs...

In 2012 he did these:


"> How to draw heads from any angle


">How to draw the head from any angle - frontal view


">How to draw the head - lateral view


">How to draw heads from extreme angles

than there is this series for the Loomis method, in 2018:


">How to draw heads quickly with the Loomis method pt.1 (really helpful and basic)


"> Draw ANY head type with the Loomis method pt. 2 (a bit more advanced)


&t=1s">Intuitive head drawing with the Loomis method pt.3 (even more advanced, but save to a few months in the future)

It is great that you went to the basics instead of trying to render, because a good structure is essential, understanding the planes of the face/head is really helpful, and way more important than adding details at this point of your journey (as you said you are beggining). The basics give you means to go beyond... I myself am trying to go back to drawing and watching those vids

Cheers, let's carry on drawing :)


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