Wildebeest Alien Concept Art

by Maditrose, March 17th 2020 © 2020 Maditrose

Started to draw a wildebeest and it turned into....this creature. I really like how it turned out and may give the species a name and continue drawing it in different variations.

Kim - Site admin

It's right after a major site update so I'm exhausted and maybe not the best source of thoughtful critique, but I just wanted to say: this is awesome! :)


Hi, Maditrose: I really like the detail and strength of your drawing. I don't think I've ever gotten this image, and I'd be interested in seeing a drawing from you of the actual animal, with the same attention to detail.


That is definitely interesting, and totally awesome xD I would recommend maybe varying the lineweight a bit, to add a bit of depth. Looks a bit cartoony now, which is a legit style if that is what is desired :D


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