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Having a go with colour.


She looks like a frog! I think it's kind of a cool effect, actually, but I'm not sure if that's what you were going for. I think it's because the highlights on the skin are so much brighter than the midtone; it makes her look shiny and wet. You didn't have this problem on the hair though, so I think you could keep that in mind on your next try.


She is actually called kermit and was an experiment in colour and tone.... I chose various shades of green (I like green people) .... I was concerned more about the viewers right hand side of her body.... it's not right. I kinda love the colouring, but I think that's more about personal preference ... I see what you mean about the hi lights though, I was using tippex as I can never find a white that works!!! Lol

Kim - Site admin

I like the colours you chose, they're fun to look at, and it's a great experiment in tone.

Looking at this picture, all of the proportions look off to the point that I'm worried the distortion I'm seeing is a result of the camera angle, not the actual drawing, so I'm a little afraid to give critique because I'm not sure I'm seeing what it actually looks like.

Tentatively though, it does, appear that the proportions of each area/limb does not relate to the others much. I would spend more time measuring and comparing before diving into shading or coloring on the next one. Maybe drop lines could be of service?


What are drop lines? I have a love of an artist called sergio toppi... who draws extraordinarily long limbs... I draw his stuff a lot... but, I realise I have to get normal proportions, and anatomical landscapes correct before attempting anything so stylised. .. the problem I'm discovering is that I don't always SEE what I'm drawing... I'm wondering if I reduce and focus on smaller areas, eg... legs, shoulder and arm... if this would help?

Kim - Site admin

Almost certainly not - hyper focusing on one part of the body is almost a guarantee that the overall proportions won't match between the body parts. It's a very classic beginner's problem.

Drop lines are when you find the edge of some distinguishing feature, like, say, the knee, and you lightly draw a straight line either straight up and down or horizontally. You can even use a ruler to make sure it's perfectly straight. Then, you can hold your pencil up to your reference photo and line the edge of the pencil up with that same feature, and see what else hits along that same line. Does that make any sense?

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Got it. Thank you ??

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