60 second animals - Sept 9

by Sanne, September 9th 2018 © 2018 Sanne

I've never really been great at drawing animals or doing gestures with them, so any tips and critique are welcome! :)

Mx. Abi

Your gestures are really good.
It is important to understand that gesture is not an end unto itself, they are not intended to be final drawings. In the hands of a strong artist they can convey a lot and often stand alone as their own art. But that is not the purpose of a gesture.

The purpose of a gesture is to get warmed up, to learn to see the figure as a whole, and to be able to use that as a foundation of your drawing in the future. The purpose is to reduce the figure down to it's most basic lines and to express the figure in simple shapes.

You are on the right path, and I would like to offer you a challenge.

Can you do the same thing with fewer marks?
Look at your hippo. You have done a fantastic job here, it is recognizably a hippo, and there is a wonderful sense of movement. For the curve of the back I count at least 10 marks, and the same is true of each part of your figure.

And this is a great place to start, lay down a bunch of lines and then clean up the ones that don't fit.

But I think you know what fits and you don't need ten lines. I think you can do it in one.

But you must trust yourself and trust your abilities.

Sanne - Site moderator

Thank you! This was very helpful and encouraging and I appreciate it immensely.

Can you do the same thing with fewer marks?

Good question! I can definitely try. This is my first gesture drawing in quite a while, so I might just need to find my swing again. You're right that less is more in this case. I'll take this with me to my next practice session!

Mx. Abi

I really do like your style by the way.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Sanne.

Greatest works on your range of animal gesture warmup sketches. I think your lines and shapes were and are getting just as organic, but I feel that these lines are far too hairiest to me. How would you care to loosen up your range of organic spaces with 10 minutes of 30 second animal attitudes? (20 warmups)

Because, if you do that smallest bit of warmup exercises, your animals and beasts will be felt out to be the least stiffest and the most dynamic, energetic, therefore flowing. For most info, please find some of the gesture drawing videos on YouTube by Mike Mattessi, on animals, like this one.

My hat's off from me to you.