more movement

by Solarbabie, March 29th 2020 © 2020 Solarbabie

The reason I like this one is because without earasing anything and just moving the pencil all around, I was able to capture the movement. I am not sure if you can tell from my scribbles but trust me the ones i didnt post were WAY Worse! lol

Mohtion X

These movements seem really lively. However, I might suggest that instead of the scribby style, you try making lines as clear as possible. Not just for clarity but because decisiveness might be one of the most important aspects that gesture drawing might teach, at least in my experience.

So maybe you could try 5 or 10 of the 30sec poses and if you get frustrated, see how you can simplify things to the smallest amount (line of action).


It will be better with clear lines.

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your sketches, solarababie. Great job, yet I've got one critique for you tonight: Lots of motion on your figure studies. How long did it take you to draw each one of those? Because you'll get to keep track of your time limits. Can you do that?

Polyvios Animations.

P.S. Keep it up.


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