First practice of figure drawing

by Anaremoaldo, April 5th 2020 © 2020 Anaremoaldo

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 5 minutes in length.

I'm a beginner at drawing and I want learn all there is to it regarding the human form, from the basis of gesture drawing and not as much contour.

Polyvios Animations

anaremoaldo, nice job posting your first drawing ever. Very nicer. But I've got one small critique: I looked at some of the line qualities, some of them are choppy, some are not. And why? Because if you did another figure study, in 2 minutes, your new sketch will be less stiff, more solid, more fluid, and more lively, in terms of line quality, and in terms of, shapes and spaces. Won't you handle that pretty please?

Polyvios Animations


Thank you so much for your feedback!

I'm definitly looking to improve my line quality.

I'm going to try doing the figure study on 2 minutes or less to see if I can get it more fluid and over time improve the line quality.

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