Orlik Week 1 5minute #3

by Aorlik, April 7th 2020 © 2020 Aorlik

Two 5 minute gesture created with graphite.


Nice job of capturing the essential dynamics of each pose! Watch for tiny feet in the standing figure.

Air Bear

Hi!:) I would suggest cleaning up your sketches a bit so your sketch is clearer and has more movement. Your figures also seem to be leaning a certain way, so I would correct that by starting your process with simple shapes and building up from there. Your figures are very proportional, though, and even with the unclear sketch I can tell easily what's happening. You did a good job:)

Polyvios Animations

Nice job on those drawings, aorlik. Yet,and yet, I've got a wonderful idea: Why don't you do 5 2-min sketches, pretty please? Because, of two reasons: First off, your sketches will become a lot least stiffer; and second, they'll become a lot most fluid, solid, and fullest of life.

Hope you'll find it essential to your next studies,

Polyvios Animations.