Orlik Week 1 10 minute #2

by Aorlik, April 7th 2020 © 2020 Aorlik

A 10 minute gesture completed with charcoal.


This has a nice sense of flow to it! I especially like the legs. However, it feels like the arms and head belong to a different, smaller body. Were you running out of space at the top of the page? The other thing that might've helped was using construction lines to explore the proportions early on, before adding in the actual form of the body over top.


I love the fluidity of your lines.

I would say look at where the three moveable masses are -- the skull, ribcage, and hips. Try to get the positions of these correct first, then add the rest of the body on top. This will help with proportions, etc.

Keep up the good work!

Honey R

I like that you make long lines in your drawings, its fluid and the shapes makes sense. I would recomend to try lifting your hand so you don´t dirty your drawing. A tip I learned from a book it´s that , when drawing stand up figures you have to focus on the neck, the hip and the feet.