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by Krysfeyen, September 10th 2018 © 2018 Krysfeyen

Working on figures. I seem to have the most trouble with the torso where the chest connects to the hips. I also have trouble doing figures from the side and imagining what that is supposed to look like. I try to start out with a simple manikin form and modify it from there



From what I see you've got some skills in anatomy and shadows. The woman on top right and the boy on the middle left look quite well done and lively.

Regarding your issues I would suggest to train on long pose drawings: This way you'll be able to focus on the details of the torso/hips connections.

Also by doing this, I think you can train yourself in recognizing "what it's supposed to look like" from real life examples, and find the line solutions to represent it.


Ty for the feedback. At the moment I’m taking my time with my sketches and doing the ones that I find the most difficult to do first. My hope is that that’ll allow me to really understand the underlying forms before I get too crazY and branch out to far.


Hi. i love your drawings but maybe you can try draw quick sketches so the figure will have more flow and mothion.


Thank you for the feedback I’ll keep working on my figures anatomy and quick sketches


Hey Krysfeyen, I like your drawings and how you shade. One thing I feel worth mentioning tho is that your heavy outline is taking away from your volumes and making them flat, try to use the most contrast where you want the eye to look. The outline is a simplification of the background and the form colliding in space and isn't really there, so try ghosting it in lightly and then build ontop of that :-) This is something I'm working on myself - I'm a real line addict X)!


Tyvm for the feedback. I keep getting comments that my images are flat so I'm going back and working on that and trying to improve so your suggestion is helpful thanks again.


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