Keelan R 10 minute pose_2

by Keelan R, April 9th 2020 © 2020 Keelan R

Done as part of a 30 minute class.


Good job of capturing the acton and anchoring the pose with the shadow! Bone strructure of the knees could be emphasized more.

Range of value is also good but the shadows could be more connected throughout.

Try layering the warm and cool red Prismacolor stick in a longer pose.


the overall pose is good, except the left wrist try to make it thinner there


hard to critique on such a short pose becosue anything I will say would have fixed anyway, but good work overall. its a fairly technical pose with lots of forshortening. quite challenging. if anything and for a ten inute pose i would suggest focusing on and exagerating the movement of the character. also your lines are not very confident, short and choppy. Do one line then trust yourself. If the end goal is to do one line (for her right shin for example) then practice that now. have you tried toned paper? it's really fun to play with the middle toned brown (or whatever color) and just hot the darkest and highlight

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