Reed 4/13/20 5 Min. 2

by Areed2, April 14th 2020 © 2020 Areed2
Polyvios Animations

Nice job on your 5 min sketches, Areed2. But, I've got two requests tonight: What are you working on tonight? And, can you do another 2 minute sketch, pretty, if you please? Because your figure studies will be more, more solid, fluid, lively, and less, less stiff Would you work on that?

Polyvios Animations


I would recommend using an oval for the head instead of the shape you are using, thought. An oval is more dinamic and simpler to draw, more so in quick-paced exercises.
Good job at keeping the proportions right!


I feel these sketches capture the pose pretty well! I would suggest doing some 30 second sketches and focus more on a line of action and proportion between the head, rib cage, and hips. I believe there is an article on LineofAction that covers it. I found it really helpful and I think you will too. Keep up the good work :)