Trying to nail 30 second gestures

by Leahh, April 22nd 2020 © 2020 Leahh

This is my 3rd day of "30 second week." Every day this week I'm doing a 20 minute session first thing in the morning of 30 second poses.

I tend to get sucked in by the details - I'm hoping that by doing quick poses, I can train myself to see the basic forms first, and work general to specific!

If you have any tips on short poses, please share :)


It's a nice idea to practice every day to train the eye and the hand. Since I have the same tendency to get sucked in by details, figure drawing helps me to learn the correct proportions and perspective. To be the third-day doing figures, your lines are clean and you try to capture de flow's figure. Ii would be nice to keep practicing, you're on the right path. I think it would be helpful to watch Proko on youtube since he has different series to learn drawing. I'll let the link to a video step by step figure drawng. I hope that's helpful.



Thank you, that's a great resource. I appreciate your feedback!


-I would suggest you to loosen your hand more. Your line has the same flow (consistency) everywhere. You need to relax more. In 30s you don't have to much time for any kind of detail so it only comes to the question of what we see first, what I mean by that is- that you need to look at the whole figure and capture it as a whole (not as a detail). Relax yourself and let your arm flow over the paper, it doesn't have to be to precise 'cause this are those kind of drawings that don't actually requaire that.
Well, if you go for that same line consistency I would recomend you to look up for Picasso's gesture drawings. And it is also a good idea to look up the old master figure drawings... ;))


Thank you! (Shakes arms out, takes deep breath)