figure practice, 5 min sketches

by Pilot, April 23rd 2020 © 2020 Pilot

drawn 4/22/20

Aussie Haze

This is really good! I can see your trying to use parralels to adjust the hips and shoulders evenly. While this is a great idea it would make more use in sketches with a longer time limit. Also don't focus on details when figure drawing as I see you've done with the face. It'll only take more of your time and distract you from the main focus that is the figure. As a suggestion you should try watching this video! In it it'll give you an easier perspective of breaking down the figure and what parts to focus on. Hope this helps!

-Side note. When watching the video make sure to pay attention to it. Don't stop the video or draw as your watching. Focus is an important aspect in drawing and it's something that took me a long time to learn lol. Good luck!

&t=403s">How to draw the Human Figure - Jazza


You did a really good job making the lines of action and giving the volumes the basic forms they needed, you still need a bit of practice with the proportions tho hands and feet mainly (They are a nightmare for everyone sadly). Something that really works for me a lot is breaking everything in half, first the over all body, then the torso and legs on their own, etc, until you have everything all the way to the hands and feet. Good luck!! You're doing amazing