Gesture 5

by Amurphyr, April 26th 2020 © 2020 Amurphyr

Waiting on my figure book to come though the post so, in the meantime, here's some beginner poses from this sites references. :)

I've tried to use my critique. Getting there slowly but shortly

Polyvios Animations

Nicest job, amyrphyr, on your gesture. Yet, I've got one more smaller suggestion: Would you, like to do one 60 second (1 minute) sketch, please?????? And do you know why????? Because your scribbles will become the most loosest and fluidest and liveliest than ever before. And next, your scrawls will get to be more and more cartoonier and funnier. Hope you'll find it completely and absolutely useful and essential.

Polyvios Animations

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