Inktober Day 15

by Jman3, October 16th 2018 © 2018 Jman3

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

I will use Inktober as a way to getting better at drawing human figure and try to get a more consistent drawing schedule by gaining some skill and therefore more pleasure to continue bettering my artistic abilities.

Late day of practice, starting sketches went well. I think I am starting to notice an issue with the torso and leg proportions with my sketches that I need to remedy.

Critique is open this time I am curious to see what others think.

Notes for the final drawing:

I made the last drawing too small and made a mistake when making the skeleton for the left arm. The current placement of the left arm does not match where the skeleton shows but it looks more correct because I didn't follow the skeleton.

Kim - Site admin

It seems like you are working hard and making progress, and doing a decent job of self-diagnosing issues.

For my advice, I wanted to point out problems of time management. For poses 16 and 17, you clearly ran out of time and your figures ended up missing limbs. However, #16 managed to get some individually defined fingers even though she's got a missing leg! This is a very common and understandable trap that artists fall into. I'd urge you to try to keep your eye on the figure as a whole instead of getting sucked into interesting details. You probably could have drawn the basic shape of a whole leg in the time it took you to define two or three fingers.

That's part of why these pose times are so short, to try and force you to have to see the figure as a whole, and to focus on overall shapes that build the body, and prevent you from getting into details too early. After doing your underdrawing, maybe try to give yourself only 6-8 more lines and see how much of the TOTAL POSE you can capture with JUST those 6-8 additional lines. Get good at indicating a whole body with no more than those 6-8, and only then allow yourself to go into details. If at any point the 6-8 starts to feel easy, lower it to 4. After all, when learning, you have to constantly go beyond what you're comfortable with to keep getting to new insights. :)

Great work and good luck!


Hi Kim, first thank you for all the great feedback! Time management is something to work on, I will shift my focus to a larger picture rather than what I am trying to draw at the moment. One thing to note, #16 on the original image has the leg covered by her leg and bedding so that is why I didn't attempt to draw it in. However, I definitely lost focus on #17, it's missed an arm and leg.

When the time shifts to the 5 minute+ time frame I will give the 6-8 lines a shot today and then some detail as time permits. I'll use a bold pen for the 6-8 lines then shift to a fine pen after to see if the bold displays the body effectively.

Again thank you so much, I appreciate you spending time to help!

Kim - Site admin

Sounds like a great plan of action. I look forward to seeing the results of it :)

(I fixed the extra random sizing info that managed to sneak in for you and then deleted the extra comment btw! :) )

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