Gesture - charcoal stick 5

by Amurphyr, April 29th 2020 © 2020 Amurphyr
Polyvios Animations

amyrphyr, nicer and nicer job on your crudity and boldness of your lines and gestures, yet I've got one oh so small request for you: Why don't you do 5 more minutes of 30 second gestures, in charcoal stick, if you pretty please? Why?? Because you dark, chalky lines with the charcoal will be much, much looser, and much, much, much livlier. Hope you find it absolutely useful and helpful.

Polyvios Animations


Thanks PA, for the advice. :) Will certainly do that.


If your using charcoal just be very careful be cause the lines are so black that if your not careful it ends up looking very stuff

Dandelion Jam


I agree with other critiques, but I would suggest that you draw much bigger. That way, you get your gestures looser. Keep practising and pay attention to proportions! On the left drawing, the arms of the person are really way too short compared to the rest of the body.

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