First 30 second pose practice

by Soft Circles, May 14th 2020 © 2020 Soft Circles

Each square in the image represents a 30 second pose.

My current goal is: Correctly capture line of action for a pose.

I think what I'm currently struggling with is some of my lines of action look a little "stick-figure-y". How do I improve the dynamism of the lines?


These are beautiful. For more dynamism, try exhaggerating the form just a little bit more. Like taking a soft curve of the spine and bending it a little more. Also, you might consider using a wrapping line to express some volume, perspective and proportions on your form. This will help neggate the "stick figure-y-ness". ;D

Here's a link to an example.

Polyvios Animations

Excellent job with your invisible lines of action in some poses, Soft Circles, even now, here's my one very small request: Would you like to correctly practice them in 10 4 minute sketches (10x4m=40m), pretty please??? Why is that???? It's because the correctness of your L.O.A. will get to be even more stronger yet subtler in your next practice; furthermore, go for Vol. 1 of one of Walt Stanchfield's Books, please????? So that you get the best message on drawing your lines of rhythm, in your drawn animations. (if that's your focus) Appeal to that being totally supportive.

Polyvios Animations

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