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by Vintage Elysium, May 14th 2020 © 2020 Vintage Elysium

These are a good start! I particularly like the pose on the left, I think you were more successful in regards to the proportions of the figure.

One suggestion I would make would be to lighten your line weight. In both poses, you have these really thick and dark lines, and making those kinds of lines too early in a figure drawing can lead you without the option too really look and change proportions that may be off. I would suggest starting the pose off with a very light touch and then making it darker as you grow more sure of the proportions in your drawing.

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Outstanding labor, VintageElysium, love those gymnast poses, in the way they look, and feel like. However, I have one very much smaller idea: Would you like to go for 4 minutes (240 seconds) of 2 minute (120 second) gestural attitudes, with those different gymnastics bodies, if you pretty please? The reason why is because, your gestures and constructions will become even more solider, fluider, and livelier. I petition that it’ll all be very crucial for your future study.

Polyvios Animations


what I would recommend is that you shouldn't just compy the angles and lines what you see, try to understand the simplified 3d forms of the human body (cubes, spheres and cilinders). It is useful to imagine or even better draw in the invisible parts of the body (shoulder, hip on the other side of the body) so that you can get a better grasp of how perspective works and you can avoid proportion issues later on. Checking out Proko's youtube channel, especially his figure drawing courses would be really useful as well as practicing and learning from mistakes.

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