My first critique request on Line of action

by Mike94, May 17th 2020 © 2020 Mike94

a few of todays 2 hour practice

I used to do lifedrawing every week but havent been doing much of it in the past 3 years and im trying to get back into it

here is a link to the images that might be a but larger and easier to see



I will try to give some feedback, just know I am not a professionaly but I do draw myself.


Maybe, try not to have hard outline in your drawings and let them fade into the subject. This way it becomes more realistic. For example, on your 50 min drawing the areas with light on the arms have bold lines while fading, thin lines would be enough.

The eyes and brain do fill in a lot for what people are seeing. In my opinion that's what's amazing about art, good artists are capable of leaving gaps or details that we will trace over and over again and still see it in a new light because of letting things be filled in. This way the drawings also seem more if you will.

Other then that in your 10 min drawings you seem a bit stiff with the subject but thats alright because you said you are getting back into drawing.

I hope this helped and you should definitely keep practicing. I was/am in the same non drawing phase you were and am trying to get back into it, so don't give up.


I agree with Eppart, leaving gaps is what makes the sketch come alive and that's a direct quote from Glenn Vilppu. Your shorter poses are great, I suggest you study some more anatomy to make your rendered pieces work. I think you worked too long on the 50 minute one without seeing she lost her stomach. I love the 10 minute woman that is laying down on her stomach, very fluid but also has volume, lighter values overall vs the contrast around her thighs to really draw the attention. Keep it up!

Polyvios Animations

That's a mighty finer job, right off the bat at once, Mike94, nonetheless, I've got one tiny request: Would you like to go for your very first 1 hour class mode of figure studies, pretty, pretty, pretty please???? And you know why????? Cause you'll get a lot of loose and spontaneous overall proportions that way. Depend on its help and support.

Polyvios Animations

P.S. I really love your quick sketches, because you did a far better job with them than your renderings.

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